Ricky Everest

Ricky Everest
Mobile: 857-529-5070

Ricky Everest accentuates our full-service approach for tenants, buyers and sellers. He began working as a line chef and then shifted his focus into home renovation and construction. The latter experience provided him insight towards advancing into the real estate industry and peaked his interest in pursing different aspects of the field. These various occupational experiences have allowed Ricky to hone a multitude of relevant skills in real estate such as teamwork and open-communication, which are paramount to the success of his clients.

He is well versed in the do-it-yourself motto due to his nature as a self-starter and as a result he has learned all the ins & outs of real estate to become adept in the process; he will make sure he’s with you 100% of the way throughout, from beginning to end. Real estate can prove to be a stressful process but Ricky’s evolved methods deliver a logistical approach to homebuyers, sellers and renters, providing the leadership necessary to achieve the goals you deserve.

Ricky is also very interested in current technology trends and makes sure to stay on the cutting edge of tools that maximize efficiency and ease of the process. He helps the team stay on target with technological advances.

Whether you need to gain insight on the real estate process, or want someone who can take charge while you handle all the other stuff life requires, contact Ricky today!

Ricky Everest
Sales Associate & Technology Manager